High Definition Streaming Player

Who we are

Maxx TV is famous for providing best quality(HD) image to it’s customers. MaxxTV provides channels from all over the globe. Maxx TV makes it easier for it’s customers to enjoy latest TV Shows, Movies, Serials and many more activities to do without any hindrance. MaxxTV uses best quality hardware which helps in streaming of program at faster rate. Maxx TV have collaborated with 5000 + channel live. Maxx TV makes it easy to enjoy the hottest movies, TV shows, music, games and more on your TV. Millions of people use their MaxxTV players every day to watch their favorite entertainment instantly and on demand.

100x Faster

Maxx TV delivers content via a state of the art content delivery system. The network is fast, efficient and fault resilient. Our boxes use the best processor and hardware available. We provide best quality products backed up by an excellent service and support.

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No Buffering

Maxx TV delivers its content through a state of the art network delivery system. No matter where you are, you will get the feed from the cloud point closest to your location. This means there is no buffering on our network. Buy our set top box online or through our distributors to experience the difference.

Customer Satisfaction

Maxx TV provides great customer service experience. We often get told by our customers that they have not seen such high quality support and service both before and after sales. We take great pride in our customers and do our very best to keep them happy. Our 24/7 online support ticketing system allows you to submit a ticket at any time with few simple steps and we contact you.

24/7 Customer Support

Our 24/7 support ticketing system is very efficient and simple. With only answering a few simple information, you can lodge a support request anytime. You will be sent an email confirmation with your ticket number and login details to the support portal. You will then be able to receive any updates by email or on the support portal. Our support agents are waiting for your request. We always strive to get to every ticket within few hours.

10x Faster Processor

Maxx TV uses the latest processor for its set top boxes. We are one of the very first to provide 4K set top boxes and our hardware is extremely reliable and well built. .